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Zara Radio Humidity Announcing

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Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving to all :).

I just got done installing Zara Radio on my show computer (pretty cool app by the way) and I have WeatherWatcher installed.

I got the temperature announcment to link to weatherwatcher with no problem, but I was hoping to also link the humidity to the Zara program as well.

It appears that I need the "humidity" files for the Zara Radio program. I have been searching around the Zara forums for over an hour and can't seem to find a link to anyone that has those files.

Does anyone here who uses the Zara Radio program have the humidity files installed?

If so, would you be willing to share the files with me please?

Thanks in advance

Bill Ellick

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Thanks for the offer, but as I was sitting around yesterday being way too full of turkey and the fixings I was able to find a TTH file for Zara.

I installed it last night when I got home and it seems to work okay although it is 3 seperate voices for time, temperature, and humidity.


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I've found a link to the TT & H files on the Zara Radio forum and this is the link:


As a side note, there is a new free version of Zara Radio 1.6.2. Zara Studio has also been released, but that is not a free version.

The free version can be downloaded here:


Merry New Year everybody!!

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