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New guy from NW Ohio


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Welcome To The World Of Christmas Lights.

I live about 50 miles east of you. Upper Sandusky.

I am in my 3rd. year with approx 120 channles using LOR controllers.

Started with 32 channels and it keeps growing. Using mainly LED's.

Enjoy you displays and Happy Holidays!


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I'm reppin Toledo area as well! Haha Sylvania, Ohio! I've got quite a few lights, I would like to start LOR this year as well! I am going to attempt to get a cool signature from LOR with how many lights once I get a count going this weekend! Haha

In the upper left corner of this web page you'll see: Sig Generator ... or just click this one. :P

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well i thought i would pop back over an say that im back up this year. after this weekend ill have close to 50k lights up runnings off 3 grinch controllers, 2 ren-c's for dimming, and 39 ssr's. my address is 4343 good rd. 45833 for anyone that wants to come look at it. but ya might wanna wait til after this weekend as it wont be all up yet.

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