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Saw the New Yorkers doing this so I thought I'd start things here. Reply to this thread if you have a display in NC.

I have a 180 channel LOR display (including 16 channels on the next-door neighbor's house) in Indian Trail, which is 10 mile southeast of Charlotte, in Union County. This is my 3rd year running with LOR.

Stop by and identify yourself if you are in the area. We always great every car with candy canes. Would love to meet fellow-PCer's.


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We have a 64 channel LOR display with 15,000 lights. We are located about 20 minutes southwest of Raleigh, NC, or just south of Cary/Apex. This is our 4th Christmas in NC, our 2nd year with LOR. Anyone who wants to stop by and say hello is welcome. Our display runs 6-9 pm Sunday thru Thursday, 6-10 pm Friday and Saturday.

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Great idea, DavBro.

I'm in northwest Greensboro, and I'm pretty sure I've got the first animated display in Guilford County. (However, there are many fabulous static displays nearby.)

This is my first year going animated, and I had big plans to invite folks over. But, a couple of things really messed up my plans. First, I got all 10,800 of my LED's in the now infamous 2008 CDI pre-season buy. So, about half my strings have died, forcing me to scrap hundreds of feet of my display. If that wasn't enough, the NCDOT is finishing off a massive road construction project near my house, and the route to my house has been changing almost daily. I've even gotten lost a couple of times trying to find my own house!

I thought about not lighting up at all, but Chuck Hutchings (anyone remember Chuck?) gave me some great advice when my lights died. He told me that even if my display seemed awful to me, it would still impress folks who don't know any better. He was so right, and I'm glad I went ahead with my severly neutered display. It's really been fun, and like Chuck said, it has amazed my friends.

So, my display is probably not worth the drive. But, you can check out three of my sequences at:


My wife and I are hoping to take a road trip to check out some of the displays you guys have put together. I'm looking forward to it!

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I am located in Archdale, about 20 minutes south of Greensboro. This is also my first year. I have roughly 8,000 lights and 32 channels. I had someone here on PC do the sequencing and I must say it turned out awesome! If youre in the area stop in and say hello. 1001 Courtland Ln

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Hello Fellow N Carolinian's.

I'm In Burlington NC currently over 30,000 lights and 96 channels.

This is my 3rd year running a LOR display, I think I'm getting the hang of it!

For those close by I will try to stop by and say Hello!!!!

see prolawn made digtriad, how about you MrPhred?


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Hello all-

Long Time lurker but never post much.

Our street has 4 houses synched.

This year we have 31,000 lights and 192 channels. 177 in use.

House #2 has 7,000 lights and 32 channels.

House #3 has 20,000 lights and 96 channels.

House #4 has 5,000 lights and 32 channels.

We are located in Mooresville just North of Charlotte off of Highway 150.

Show hours are 5:30 till 10:00 Sunday through Thursday. 5:30 till 12:00 Friday and Saturday. I have 7 songs done and am working on the 8th. (Should be in this weekend.)


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Hey there! Posting on behalf of Kersey Valley Christmas in High Point, NC www.Kerseyvalleychristmas.com

There is an animated show I did for them that is the only one of its kind.

Over 100,000 leds and 200 channels of LOR with a giant flame effect!

Check it out!


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We are in High Point, NC and have been running Mr. Christmas for the past two years. I bought LOR with 32 channels this past year durring the LOR sales and EMD FM transmitter. I was feeling a little overwelmed trying to get everything ready for this year and ran out of time and decided to just scrap it and just hook up the Mr. Christmas and Belkin FM transmitter again.

That's what I get for not working on sequencing durring the summer.



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I'm located in Holly Springs, NC - about a mile down the road from TomD. I have a basic 16 Channel Animated Lighting Display, 3 Wire frame trees, 2 deer, 3 LED packages and candy cane lights. I have a 4 channel box attached that controls the lights on the fence behind the display (going on the house next year)

This is my second year displaying - looking at maybe programing my own next year

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It was good to me you and your wife on Christmas Eve. I'm going to check out your display tonight. We now have at least 3 people in Holly Springs doing music and lights, 2 with AL and me with LOR. There are also several Lights and Sounds setups as well.

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I know it's a little late now... but my name is Darren, my wife Lisa and I have a display in Winston-Salem, NC just off of Jonestown Rd.

This was our second year animating. We used 176 LOR channels of the 400 we have. We had about 60,000 lights with 40 inflatables and a few wireframes up this year.

It was nice meeting a few of you at the Carolina mini this year. Hope we can do it again soon.

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Guest curve=09

New to Planet Christmas and can't wait to get into using the LOR's

I have a pretty nice Static display over in Huntersville in the Macaulay Sub divsion. I am trying to gather as much info as possible on the animated displays and hope to put together a nice show next season. Right now I use a mixture of LED's and C-9's. I have a few Blow molds although I am looking to collect a few choice pieces to add to the collection as well as a few Wood cut outs I made many years ago. I was lucky enough to make it into the local paper and win a small award for my display. Now I have the fever! I'll be sure to check out some of my fellow "neighbors" homes this year...

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Pittsboro, southwest of Raleigh, almost due south of Durham, where US-64 and US-15/501 meet. I'm a couple blocks north of that circle, behind the Chevrolet dealership.

I've been running a Mr. Christmas for the last couple of years, and large static displays for years before that. 2009 will be my first year with LOR (64 channels). My wife and I have done about 7500 lights, this year we'll probably double that.



and of course, Planet Christmas.

- Jack

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