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Two Neighbors Rang The Doorbell Tonight (A Good Neighbor Story)

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I had just got home from work and settled down to do a little more sequencing when I heard voices outside, and the doorbell rang.

Mom answered it.

At the door were two of our neighbors who live caddy-corner across the street from us. They wanted to see who did the lights, so mom directed them to me.

The great thing about where I live is that even though it is a residential area, the neighborhood is directly across the street from Coastal Carolina University. When I was in school there, it used to be a 7 minute walk from my house to my classes. And all of our immediate neighbors are college students...girls next door, guys caddy-corner, and girls and guys directly across the street.

The guys introduced themselves, and said that they were here to say how much they absolutely loved the light show, and it was one of the most unique and bet things they had ever seen. I explained to them how it all worked, gave them the grand tour of the layout and yard, and then we talked for quite a while out in the cold (we didn't move to SC from KY for it to be cold)!

Of course there have been parties and everything in the neighborhood, but for the most part, the students who live right around us are great people. And they crave this kind of thing. The guys said they were telling all of their friends to come by and see it as they can, and I told them to go ahead and tell everyone.

It's great to live around people who want to see something like this. And what's even better, one of our County Council members lives a couple houses down from the students that came over, and he looks forward to the show every year, too. As do all of the security guys over at the University. They stop by through the year to say how much they love it, and that they make special trips down our street in December just to see and listen to the lights.

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