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PlanetChristmas Calendar Courtesy

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Just a post to let everyone know that we all do not need to know every day your display is running. The posts clog up the lower part of the home page, and it ads a little in page load time.

I would be happy to read about the opening and closing of your show/display and any special events you may have, but as most, if not all of us have lights out every night we really don't care or need to know about every night YOUR lights are on.

Just imagine the chaos if we all added an event to display every day on the PC calendar.

--Daniel L

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Thanks for bringing this up, Daniel. I didn't even notice mine until I read your post, then I went to check mine to make sure it wasn't a culprit, and voila, it was! So I deleted it, and just put in the final night (December 31). I do agree that the calendar is a bit cluttered right now, though (imagine if we all did that...wow).

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