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Here are pics of a ceramic Nativity that I recently painted for this Christmas. Took me two months - I just finished painting the final piece last week! LOL! 08

I also built the stable and platforms. Made those out of hard floral styrofoam, with burlap pinned to it.

Enjoy! 02






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Its beautiful Joe you should go into the painting cermaic buisness no joke lol :eek:


I would, but who can afford to buy a Nativity (or any piece) with an extensive paint job like that? I was in the ceramics business for a while. You end up spending more than you make! LOL! 08

Besides, I would then be on a deadline to get it done, and this was a 2 month job at my own leisure. A deadline would drive me nuts... and it's not that far a drive for me anymore! 0502

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Beautiful. I see a family heirlom there. We have one similar that Chuck's Mom gave us on our first Christmas in 1980. She had stained it to look like wood grain. It is very special to us, as she went home to be with the Lord before our second Christmas.


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Guest A.F.NUT

That is a beautiful set you have much talent! I painted a large set like that a few years ago so I know exactly how much time is involved its something I allways wanted to do but never want to do again! It took me many months and made me crazy till it was done. I think I like your molds better than mine your angel and shepherd w/ horn are the same as in my old italian set. It really looks great!!! Tom

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