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It's a sad day here at Land O Lights....


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Yea, it's a Darryl strobe. Since it was on my wreath, I think that makes it from 2006.

I'm pretty sure it's just the bulb. I can see it flashing, it just looks like a sad elecrtical arc instead of a nice bright flash. I have a couple spares (from scavaging other parts). It's only 3 solder points so it should take 2 minutes. I'd fix it tonight, but I'm too scared to go out to the workshop in the dark (the gators may get me!;))

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"That's Fronkenstien"....

The operation is a success! It turned out to not be the bulb but the large capacitor. I replaced that with a spare and it is alive!

FYI... If any of you have dead curtain strobes (either the screw in, or corded versions from either Darryl or Spooks Inc), I'm willing to buy them from you. Please PM me.

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