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Friendly Reminder: Backup...Backup...Backup...

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I know you've all read the horror storiest here before: someone's computer crashes

and they lose everything... music, pictures, and many hours of work

Today i turned on one of my computers and it was being noisy (sorta like a bad

fan sound, but alittle different) then the sound went away...then started coming

back. So i went over to it, restored Program Manager clicked 'file' .. 'exit windows'

and instead of windows shutting down i got a blue screen of death...with the

message "Serious Error Writing To Drive C:"

Simply put: the hard drive is now done...finished...dead (however you want to put it)

It'd been acting up a couple weeks ago so at that point i'd updated my full backup

(and hadn't made any changes/new files since)

And now that computer is back up and running again thanks to the backup :)

...So a friendly reminder: backup your stuff

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Thanks for the reminder!

I have been really scared about loosing a drive, so I have uploaded some files to the webserver, and I am doing a nightly clone of the hard drive, to an external. I am in school, and with the volume of work I have to do on the computer, or online it would be very bad if I lost the drive. So I have the peace of mind that I can still boot off my external and be up to date if needed.

Why did I post? Well a few years ago I was reading about someone, I want to say Tim, who lost a bunch of stuff, and I never want to have to go though that, so after reading that post, I started keeping backups of everything.

Thanks again!

EDIT: Just saw http://www.slate.com/id/2205856/?y=1 on the Yahoo home page.

--Daniel L

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I lost my laptop the other day to a mother board failure -- that took the drive with it. Thankfully I had a backup that was only a few weeks old.

Sure, I lost some stuff (video of this year's display, a couple of DIY articles I was working on), but nothing that can't eventually be re-done.

External hard drives are CHEAP now a days. Amazon has a 1 TB external drive (1000 GB) for less that $140 (with free shipping!).

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