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This guy ruined my display!!!

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Look like someone has competition...just short out his battery and cut the cords. Or you can really drive him nuts by loosening 1 bulb per set...he'll never figure it out then! ;)

That's really cool-- is it street-legal?


I have my doubts!!! I know where I live, it's illegal to have neon under-car lights because they cause too much of a distraction to drivers. I can see it now, 30 car pile up on the 401 due to...*stops*...where do people get these ideas? It looks cool, yes, but you can't tell me it's safe! :confused: Having drivers distracted by 50,000+ high-speed strobing LED lights on someone's house is one thing, but that there is a whole other story!

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Even worst case scenario if it is street legal, he could have a whole different problem. Most states are very strict on semi's if they use "decorative" lighting as you see alot of your high end truck and trailers that have all the clearance/marker lights on the cab and trailer even though not necessary but done for looks not operation once applied to the truck they will write you a ticket for a burnt out light if one of those additional lights are burnt out. Could you imagine the state man writing you a ticket for a burnt out Christmas light?

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He pulled this big rig in front of my house and drew all the ATTENTION!!!

That's me hanging from the Truck!!

He is friends with my neighbor. He claims to have over 29,000 lights.


Relax. Everyone knows where they saw it and they probalby think it IS part of your display!

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