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Don't even read this is you have an ounce of health concern.

Yup from the Kitchen of the Crazy man in Smyrna, GA himself ... Turkey Fried Sandwich ... HEAVEN made simple ... this will clog your arteries just reading about it.

OK I got a small commercial deep fryer for Christmas (too long a story for here) and I have some turkey and bread...

So I am making a turkey sandwich and the fryer is sitting there all filled and ready to go ... in a little squeeky voice I hear ... "let me have a piece of that bad boy" "let me show you where a turkey sandwich standard should be set"

So I make myself a light batter. Flour, Milk, Water salt pepper and Italian seasoning and now we have four food groups ...

Make your turkey sandwich how you like, I like mayo, salt, Pepper, and cranberries .. OK we got 4 food groups again ... Double the 4 food groups ....

Now place one side of the turkey sandwich in the batter and scoop with a spoon batter on top so it is all covered.

Fry it in the fryer for about 3 minutes (golden brown) at 375, your gonna have to hold it down because it is going to try to get away. Flip it to brown the other side for a minute ...

Put on a plate and get a drink. Cool we have 4 food things again ... Sandwich, Plate, Knife and fork.

You have just set the standard for how other sandwiches are going to be judged ... when your finished ... you say .."HA now that's a Turkey sandwich"

Happy Clogged Arteries ...

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That sounds awesome. For desert, freeze some Oreo cookies. Make a simple flour batter and fry them bad boys up as well. The cookie melts and incorporates into the breading for a oh so gooey chocolaty mess (sprinkle with powdered sugar). Probably no food groups represented here but it is desert and the food groups were well covered in the samwich.

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