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My 2008 show. check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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20 small mini trees with blue and white lights 200 lights per color. 12 large mini trees with red and green lights 300 per color.

Transparent c9's on roof line red, blue, green. 7 channels of each color.

Yellow 4 wire rope light.

30 spot lights blue, red, green. 10 of each color.

10' arches with 700 lights on each arch. 7 channels per arch.

Lights count about 43,000 rough count. 272 channel capable but using about 250.

The white keys are about 8' long with the skinny part of the key being about 1 foot wide.

63 keys total with 300 lights per key black and white. Or maybe I should say purple and white. Each key independent.

This is the creation of my 18 yr old son. He built, wired and programmed the whole thing from beginning to end. With sheet music in hand the key board is programmed exactly right.

There are 4 other songs in our show and a second house being used with more c9's and floods.

Thanks for viewing and for the comment. This was fun to see it go together.


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The rails look like dual color, dual circuit light rope.

The ties I bet are groups of lights around some sort of wire frame or clear plastic blocks.

I think the piano key effect below the rails is awesome. It adds to total effect for sure.

How to info would be nice. It looks like that track took a lot of work.:eek:

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