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1966 Sears Catalog


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Carrie, I didnt get any more fiberglass choir people this year, but I have some pics of the current ones. This is only part of the display...

Holy crap that is a lot of blowmolds in that picture.

Holy Carp !!! That's the biggest choir I've ever seen

now that is a bunch of molds!!

Mark, that is just unbelievable!

All I can say is WOW!:eek:

Well i thought i need blowmold rehab but clearly im far from it


holy guacomole batman !!!! that is the biggest blowmold display i have ever seen and it is impressive!!!!

i had to show that to my son and wife!! they THINK I have a problem

I can't believe how many blow molds you have.

You know if you move (or remove) those inflatables you could get a few more blowmolds in there!!! :eek:;):D

TED :cool:

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