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End of season exhaustion has set in...

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Did someone say exhaustion?

Vickie and I were live on stage as Mr. and Mrs. Santa for 8 shows nightly every Friday-Sunday, plus Christmas Eve and Christmas night. The Vimeo link is:


You can fast forward to 4:40 to see the act if your sick of watching videos.

In between shows and every Monday-Thursday we handed out candy canes. We handed out a total of 4,600 canes this year.

Two TV stations came by this year unsolicited and did live broadcasts. In between handing out candy canes we directed traffic.

Did someone say exhaustion?

ps. We love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Charles and Vickie Belcher

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You and your wife are awesome Charles! I can't wait to show my wife your video and then tell her that is what *we* are doing next year. (Just to kid around with her... there's no way we could do something like that!)

You display is yet another that has been added to my "must see in person" list!

And with only a week off of the nightly routine for me, I'm feeling back to myself now. I really didn't plan too well for that routine and I guess it just shocked me at how much there is to do every night. Next year I'll be ready for that aspect as well now. :D

Again, awesome display and job Charles!


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