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Any Movie Camera experts out there?

LED Keeper

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OK: After doing my display this year and finally recorded the entire show, I did not like the way LED's showed up. I am not wanting to go buy another camera.

I Have a Olympus SP550UZ digital camera that records 640x480 @ 30fps, but I cannot do much manual adjustments. When I bought this camera, the idea of recording lights was not even on the horizon.

My questions are:

1. Is there any special tricks you can do to make the LED colors look better?

2. How about any special lens or filters?

I do have adjustments for White Balance and Metering in the movie mode.

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I'm not an expert but I have found a few things to try which will help.

1. Manual focus

Focus is fine not giving me a problem.

2. Manual white balance

Would like to try this, should I go + or - ?

3. Manual everything else

4. turn off antivibration (must use tripod)

I do use a tripod. have kept the IS on and audio off, should I turn the IS off?

5. Shoot your video or pictures at dusk before the sky is dark.

What does is give me in improving the quality? My display does have landscape lighting on all the time, is that a problem?

Thanks for the response.

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The dusk shooting definitely makes the colors look better and more colorful. Landscape lighting shouldn't be a problem.

What Does IS stand for. With my camera the antiviration feature caused the camera to try to keep the scrolling lights to stay in one position and the house to move all around:eek:

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If you want a really cool effect try recording the show from different angles. For instance, set LOR to play a song you want to record over and over again. Then go out and record it from an angle for say the mega tree alone. Then record the song from a different angle like the mini trees and then record it again and again. Once down edit the video so you can fade from different angles during the show.

Just my thoughts,


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Auto white balance will try often shift colors towards white, especially if there is no white in frame.. If it only gives you plus/minus, I'd try minus a little bit, just to get it out of auto...

Anti vibration, and Image Stabilization both presume that the majority of the frame is not supposed to be moving, and try, within reason, to keep it stationary, by shifting the frame around within an over sized image sensor...

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On my camcorder, my lights appeared to be white, when then where all on, instead of the red and greens. I put a filter on my lens, which looks like the lens on sun glasses, and it sure make a huge difference. it took the glare from the bulbs away, to where you can see a truer color on the bulbs


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