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My spiral mega tree plan for 2009


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You could use wire to get a less floppy support. I chose rope cuz it's what we had and I kind of like the shape it gives. No matter what support system you use though, a PVC base won't keep it taught. They need to be anchored into the ground. I did have to go out and tighten up the rope every week or so but it was worth the effect it gave.

As to channels, it's all personal preference. Make up a mock mini tree and try out different effects with different numbers of channels to see how you like effects before you decide on what to do for the big one.

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What I was going to do is attach PVC supports to the base with a PVC T then somehow tie them into my topper. The diameters of piping I looked seemed that they would sag a bit, but would bend further as the lights are wrapped.

I guess I could go with some wire/steel cabling (would something like this work - http://www.acehardwareoutlet.com/productdetails.aspx?sku=5364971&source=GoogleBase - not sure about guages) and anchor into the ground also. My tree diameter is something like 6' so I wonder if 8 caples and anchor points would be enough? The more wires one uses, the more conical the shape would be as opposed to something that might look faceted. When lit, it probably doesn't make much difference.

I would guess you have to drive the anchors pretty deep as well. I would think that with wind, anchors would eventually come loose, but I guess one could purchase some type of cork screw anchor (???).

I also wonder how the strings should be laid out on the tree. Would you wrap all one color first so that lets say all red strings hit consecutively at the base anchor points. Or, would the strings be alternating, gree, white, red at the base? I guess that's all part of the mock up process.

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I'm building two 10 ft spiral trees with 4 sets of lights using 2" PVC poles. I plan on using fencing poles and put the pipe over the poles so nothing moves. I'll still anchor down my base. Using the Spiral tree spreadsheet, I'm going to wrap one of them once and othe twice. My plan is a 5ft base using 1/2 inch gray PVC with a simple 3/4 inch PVC square base. I don't know what to use for support line yet. The Weber tree used rope (size not noted). 3mm airline cable is expensive. We can have some pretty harsh winters here in South Dakota, so I'm still debating. I'm up for ideas. I hope to take pictures as I create these and share them.

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