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Who is the preferred shipping carrier ?

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Who is the least expensive carrier now that DHL no longer does residential shipping?

I have a lot of shipping to do in the coming weeks.

For those that have been patiently waiting for me to ship there promised stuff or receive shipping quotes you'll be hearing from me sometimein the next two weeks.

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Depends on what you want it for. For things less than 5 lbs, USPS parcel post is usually cheapest...over 5 lbs FedEx is cheapest up to about 90 lbs or so. After that, go with freight. Then there is USPS priority mail which is cheaper for heavy but small things that fit into flat rate boxes. As for freight, I have no experience there.

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Thanks for the info.

I need to ship five heavy enclousure boxes. I estimate the weight at 40lbs each.

Also a bunch of lights and a Union pink elephant watering can.

Oh yeah! a Bethlehem star for Super freak.

You may want to consider BaxGlobal. They are freight carriers and try to be competitive.

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FedEx is in my VERY biased opinion the best. Not only is it a better price than UPS (I can't always claim that over USPS, though, but USPS doesn't necessarily guarantee stuff), it also helps my personal display fund (I work for them).

It is true that if you sign up for an account you do get a discount on shipping with them, too. And in doing so and printing out your labels at home, you don't have to wait in line to fill out forms. Just take it in and drop it off, or call and arrange a pickup.

As I said in another thread, most stuff shipped to me is though UPS. That doesn't bother me, especially since most of the businesses that I get stuff shipped from use them as their carrier, but 2008 was a BAD experience all around with that!

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Fed ex prices had been beating DHL for quite a while...I would use them for larger or heavier items...unless the item will fit in a flat rate postal box.

post office is good for small items and I would ship those molds through them.

UPS is pretty good on sturdy stuf...but the stink with fragile items.

for larger bulkier stuff...don't overlook greyhound package express...sometimes it's worth the hassle and can save a ton of money.

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