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GA Mini 2009


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It was a great event.

The food was great, and many thanks to Bill and Tara for all the work they did. They did such a great job, maybe they should do it again next year. :eek: :giggle:

It was a pleasure to get to meet everyone. I'm looking forward to next year.

I'll try and get the photos posted as soon as I can.

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Thanks for all the great presentations. All of you are so eager to share your knowledge and experience and make us newbies feel welcome. Bill and Tara, your hospitality is unmatched! Thanks to all who made the mini a success. It was great to finally put faces with names. For those that are leaving today, have a safe trip home. Hope to see all of you again!

I told Tom last night on the way home, "You've learned in 1 day, all of the things I have been reading about in the forums for over a year". For all the newbies out there, I highly suggest going to the closest mini or plus, it's well worth it! The people are great and the information is just what you need to either catch a vision or put your vision into action. You are what makes PC a great place on the WWW! Rhonda

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My wife, Peggy and I attended yesterday, and I can't express how much we enjoyed ourselves. We met some wonderful people and learned a whole lot. Thanks to those who gave a presentation and to those who set up some great displays.

Our special appreciation to Bill and Tara for their hospitality and going all out for this event. Boy, that Bill can cook!

Christmas in April . . . does it get any better?


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It was great having you all here ... it was a lot of work but anything worthwhile is a lot of work.

There are some folks that we didn't see much of ...that needs to be acknowledged ... my neighbors.. they are spectacular ...

It was great seeing how folks do differently the same task, some better

Nice thing about having it at a residence and is that I can take time putting things away.

There was so much information to share and so little time to do it in. But we got though most of it. I would have liked to send more time with you all.

The neighbors were so excited last night when we put the lights on, and are suggesting, that would nice in your display. I told them it is only money hint hint hint ....

I came in about 9:30 to check on our excellent "woman of the day" who made sure the food things were in the right place at the right time. I asked tara (my wife those that didn't take notes) how she was doing and she said "I'm done you are on you own for tonight"

About 1:30 I had my shower and went to bed ... and I will spend the next few days getting the yard back into shape ...

The best thing is tara said .. "that would look cool in our yard" .. I can see some new items in my future ...

Thanks to DAN, RJ and all the others for making our MINI the best one I have hosted.

Who got the LOR Controller?

and let's get those pictures posted ...

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all i want to say first is Thanks you Bill and Tara for putting on a great time. i enjoyed every bit of it,

and thanks RJ you puttin the DIY things out there, all i have known about are these people making up there own, and not from a kit

Thanks everyone that came for a great time, my mom and i enjoyed it


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Bill, it's hard to add to what has already been said but ditto. You and Tara where great host and you guys did a great job. Compliments to the chefs, the food was awesome!!! RJ, thanks for showing us high dollar _ _ _ users that we can build our own and have 4 controllers for the price of one!!!:eek::giggle: That is worth looking into and trying I think. Although I've never touched a soldering iron!

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We weren't sure who to thank for the controller. I thought it might be Dan but wasn't sure. Either way a very big Thank You to whoever made it possible.

The only thing that makes me more excited than getting the controller is finally having someone to help me in all of the Christmas projects! My husband has got the fever now! Last year he thought I was just a little crazy with sequencing because he would just roll his eyes when I tried to show him what I was doing. Now he is reading the forums too! I don't think I can get him to sequence but he is very interested in coro and he can weld so I may have some projects there too. He also wants to implement the mega tree this year. We got the sun setter pole last year but didn't do anything but fly our flag. I now have a willing parter in this Christmas adventure thanks to all of you fine folks at the GA mini! : )


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I wish I would have came back, but unfortunately did not make it. I did view the webcam for a while though. Met a lot of great new people just like last year. Bill, as always you are the man. You and tara put on a great mini, food was awesome. Rhonda tell Tom I said hello and if he needs any info on coro let me know or visit Ron Lister's site or Marty Slack's.

RJ the info on the DIY was great. I might actually try to make one, or beg Bill to walk me through:).

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Thanks Bill and Tara for hosting and the awesome cooking. I learned a lot and hopefully some of it sank into Michelle's head to remind me of anything I might forget. Bill also thank your neighbor for letting us stay in their house. I am glad that we came and got to meet other people with the same addiction. Chris the desserts were great and that was the biggest cheesecake I have ever seen. I am still hanging on to some hope that I will be able to get animated this year.


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We had a great time! Thanks to Bill his wife and all the people who put the mini on. And thank the rest for being such a great group to present to. I'm glad that you guys enjoyed the my presentation.


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Hello to everyone. I have a six photos uploaded at:


on photobucket.

I have to do some more figuring to get my videos to upload. nothing seems to recognize the Sony HD format.

We had such a wonderful time and we learned much, once again.

I'm looking forward to attending another.

Bill, tell Tara that I have her dark fairy on the way. You two did s spectacular mini. You two seemed to work seamlessly behind the scenes. Everything ran smoothly.

Oh, and thanks for the hummingbird feeder ant guard. It will be used!

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And I almost forgot. if you go to:

http://www.youtube.com/flashers clik on ALL videos, and you will see two that say Holiday Light Desinger. You'll see a couple of our Halloween sequences on there to give you an idea of what HLD looks like.

John is poking around with his newly purchased LightShow Pro. He likes it, it is fast to use, but he doesn't think it has as many options as HLD. Perhaps that will come along soon. He' synchronizing faster on LSP but I dont' know if that is the program or the fact he is getting faster with his sequencing.

We enjoyed all the presenters. Everyone was great and inspiring.

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Yes, yes... This past weekend was wonderful. I am glad that everyone enjoyed the desserts. I am more thankful that the community has taught me sooo much in one year. I am not a big poster but more of a troller that reads eveything I can then work by myself but this has brought me in a lot closer to the community and makes me feel better (and Kristyne) that I am not alone in my love for Christmas and making people jealous of the light show I put on.

I cannot wait for this years season as to everything I have learned and how open my eyes are now to EVERYTHING that can be done with a little determination and research. I cannot thank RJ enough for coming up and presenting everything, but Bill is the standing ovation. I only met Bill in December of last year after I had trolled through the forums and decided to take a ride up to his house. Only then to be greeted with a candy cane and a smile.

As for the coming season if we all band together by submitting our information to the media more people will enjoy the shows we put on. Last year I had a hard time getting information on how to submit the information, and as I live in a peculiar area I did not draw much traffic.

I was very glad to meet everyone and look forward to the next gathering and meeting so that I can make more baked goods and feed everyone!

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Slow to respond. Like Bill I have been under the weather the last few days and still suffering. I had a great time as did my son Brad. I learned so much last year and now again this year. I'm thinking about traveling to the Carolina mini in June. Wish I could afford PLUS, but not this time.

The best part of all is the friendliness and helpfulness of all the folks that attended.

A BIG THANK YOU to Bill and Tara for hosting us. Hope he recovers soon. I promise to come and get all the chairs and my other stuff out of your yard now that I am up and about.

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