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Philly Area Mini - July 11, 2009

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This year's mini is a go! It will be held at my house again.

We are planning for a one day event so far. It will be held Saturday, July 11, 2009.

Sign up details:

If you plan on attending the mini on July 11, please send an email message to:

[email protected]

Please include your name and city/state. Also if you will be bringing family/friends, please let me know how many. I will get back to you with location and other details. Also, make sure you check this email frequently, because I am not going to mess with PM updates again this year.

The format will be a little different this year, We are planning the group to stay together as a group and not spread throughout the house.

The preliminary idea is to have the morning as a compare and contrast group. Because everyone is basically using some form of Vixen, either DIY or one of the pre-built system, we will have a common thread between us, but yet we can see the benefits of choicing which hardware to use.

The afternoon will be a show us what you brought. That could range from either your new LED strings to some really cool prop you built. We can have a how-to on soldering to how to make a new spot light holder.

If anyone would like to show something during any part of the day, please drop lbro a PM at doityourselfchristmas.com/forums, or email me and I will forward to him.

I am working on some vendors to send in some prizes again this year. We will correct the confusion from last year on this one.

Thanks, we hope to see some new faces this year!!

-Greg and the rest of the Philly Mini Team

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