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Lets see your storage nightmares

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You can totally fit all that in your shed instead of your house. You have LOTS of empty space. I put similar sized molds next to each other on the shelf and then once that is full you go back and fill in the cracks with the smaller ones and then use the top of the big molds as a second shelf and lay lots more molds across the top. That is how I do it. =)

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This is my 20 x 8 room in the basement, it's about half full in this pic. It is now 100 percent full to the door. I also have a 20 x 8 addition on my shed that is about 1/2 full, and I am now using the space under my new 30 x 8 deck...

addictive personality? Me? Nooooooo......



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Shawn I think thats his head just under the little wireframe star lol I'd been working in the building trying to make room for the next load from MI. But instead ill have to put the load from Rockwood in there lol So brad yeah there is still room but after i think about it I'll have another 100 or so to put in there next month lol

And yeah snoop is happy. NOTHING can touch or lean on snoopy!! per the wardon!! LOL

Seth I like your basement. A few hundred feet of shelving and youll be OK LOL I just cant bring myself to stacking them up ..


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The stacking really isn't as bad as it looks, every mold is empty, no sand or rocks, I put the biggest on bottom. I have never had anything damaged and this way I can fit 200 + molds in one room! Lol
I feel bad of the one solider with his face to the wall lol. Looks like scratches would be a big problem with the ones next to the stone wall if they shifted or moved.
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