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Light Up Ohio delivery

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I have some industrial enclosures that I'd like to sell and deliver to Light Up Ohio. If any one is interested I will be selling them for $20 each. They are a Hoffman equivalent made by Saginaw controls. the part number is SCE242408LP

The hoffman number is A242408LP. They are painted blue and have a few scratches on them. They also include the subplate which mounts inside. They will easily fit 4 LOR units with heatsinks inside. Probably more.


Here's the link for the hoffman...


Send me a PM if your interested. I have 4 that I can bring down on Saturday the 16th.

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I just wanted to let everyone going to LUO 2010 that I have two more of these enclosures. These include back plates. I will be selling them for $20 each. They make great LOR / electrical breakout boxes.

Pm me if your interested. First ones get them!

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These are high quality. The one I purchased has enjoyed the car ride for the last year. Yeah I know I should have taken it out if the trunk before now.

LOL !! I hope you put something in it in the trunk...That's a lot of wasted space!:P

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