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CDI pre order update

paul sessel

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We just received two containers this afternoon. We will unload them tomorrow and start filling all the preorders on Wednesday. Have a great Memorial Day weekend. BTW, we will close down on Friday around noon and be back on Tuesday.

Paul is this the pre order form last year [ replacement lights ] or this year's order thank you Blair

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Yeah I have 155lbs of lights headed my way as well, just the new stuff not the replacements. And mine are Friday as well, I will be out of town all weekend, now I have to have someone I can trust come by my house and put them in my garage. I am sure there are a lot of people here that would do it for me. Right!!!

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Got mine today. Too busy preparing for weekend to unpack. They used bigger boxes this year, and they are heavy.

I am sure many of us will be testing these lights for the next few months.

OK, had to look. The boxes are double boxed. Perhaps they were last year and just misremembered. Now I have a few strings of LED's illuminating my office. I, again, got a called a light nerd by my 11 year old son and the look of joy on the wife's face...

Can't wait to see her expression with the replacement shipment arrives!

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I stopped by UPS on the way home from work earlier today and their system was down. The woman gave me an 800 number to call to try to get the delivery switched to "pick up" but I wasn't able to get anywhere with the automated system.

The UPS website is equally useless.

Does anyone know if/how you can get UPS to hold the delivery so I can just go pick it up tomorrow morning?

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Boxes showed up today. As with the order 2 years ago, everything was double boxed. Haven't opened any inner boxes yet to play with the lights.

I also got my new I7 CPU and components to build my new PC, and resisted the urge to open any of those boxes too!

Tomorrow is, hopefully, play day with all my new stuff. (Just don't tell my boss that!)

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I got an email of the invoice today which I got back when I ordered everything but nothing about when it is being shipped.:(


The shipping notice comes directly from UPS, while the invoice comes from CDI. UPS only sends things out later in the day in a batch, so give it time...

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