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Here is my How to for a Mega Tree

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Very nice how-to. I am really hopeing that we video tape setting up our 45 footer next year to make a nice how too for the taller trees. It was a little difficult teaching at the mini plus last month trying to do everything off of pictures. Pictures can only show so much. A video explains a lot better.

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I was one of the ones who commented the first time around and really appreciate all the extra info from the video. I've been looking to "grow" my mega tree this year and yours will work very well in my yard I think

Thanks a million

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Thanks... You just reminded me that I had forgotten to get guy wires for the mid section.... Back to the store.

Fortunately I found that our Walmart has 30' lengths of 3/32 complete with 2 sets of end clamps for less than what Home Depot wanted for just the wire... so I know where I'll be going this time...

Nice vid, btw.

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