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Rare and hard to find blowmold database.

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Hi everyone...

I was inspired to start this thread after seeing a recent reference to a hard to find santa. I ocassionally read posts about 'rare' blowmolds. I also thought the new 'blowmold thread' of pictures was interesting so i thought it would be cool to have a thread with pictures of ONLY 'hard to find' or 'rare' blowmolds.

I see many blowmolds on ebay which are described as 'rare'..but then again anyone can describe what theyre selling using any words they want. It doesnt necessarily mean that they are in fact a hard to find item.

So, if youve got a mold or know of a mold thats really hard to find please post a picture and explain what the mold is and any details youve got that supports the idea that its rare. I might guess that the most common reason that you feel a certain mold is hard to find will be based on the idea that you almost never see it for sale on ebay. Im sure there are many other reasons too. For example, im also going to guess that the mechanical moving blowmolds are tough to get because by nature of the motor and mechanism, that these motorized blowmolds were more expensive to buy new at the store and thus fewer were sold, and that any moving part eventually breaks and is probably discarded.

(see all the guessing im doing here?..haha..its because i dont know for sure so id like for you long time enthusiasts to pool and document your collective wisdom and experience).

Id also like to encourage reasonable discussion about a hard to find submission. Hard to find?...agree?..disagree?

I wonder if its possible we try to assign a 1-10 rating to a molds scarcity for discussion purposes. 1= uncommon but not impossible. 10= very few exist and command high prices. I know its a little unscientific and arbitrary but its better than nothing.

I myself dont feel ive got a rare or hard to find mold so im not going to post a picture.


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Andrew said he had never seen this set of General Foam Nativity before now so i guess this would be on the rare list ive only seen a very few painted with wisemen

That is a strange looking donkey.

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