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Blow Mold Problem

Bob Van Streader

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Recently I purchased 5 blow molds from Chuck Forkner which were to be shipped in2 boxes to my local Greyhound station. Chuck had to go out of his way to finalize the shipment after a few e=mails back and forth between us, When I got there, much to my dismay, neither box would fit in my back seat or in my trunk. Since my car is the only vehicle I have at my disposal I had to do some thinking. I opened up both boxes and decieded that if I unpacked them I could get the molds in my back seat and in my trunk. It worked out OK so I crammed all of the packing in and around the molds, broke down the boxes and put them on top of the molds in my back seat. No blow mold was left behind.

So now I have 5 more molds to add to my collection. So thank you Chuck for all of your efforts to finalize our deal. I know I will not hesitate to deal with you again.


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Yup..if it's doable will will do it....

I always seem to only find yard sale molds when I am in the car...never find anything when we are in the truck. I have made many trips back and forth to cart my load home...lol

Now that you are a molder...you need to get a truck...:giggle:

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