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Making a light pond and need ideas

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My wife wants to create a light pond this year in the yard. I like the idea and have some things to put around it, but need more ideas.

I have 2 of those walmart icey penguins, a polar bear, and maybe one or 2 other things. I need some ideas of what I cna add here. I have coro to make stuff and a welder to weld a wireframe or two. Any ideas?

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Here is a link to my Photo album of 07'. I had a pond, stream, island, and bridge. I used rope light to edge the island and water. Minis were used inside. I suggest LEDs for blue. I lost a lot of blue do to fading. It looked great. I added more blue to freshen it up the week of Christmas.


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I have a green tree frog that sits on the edge of my pond and then I've edged the pond with a rope light fence. I hammered timber garden stakes around the edge then ziptied ropelight at 3 different heights. I didn't want to have to fence it but within a week of the first time i used the pond in the display i had some toddler decide it would be great to hop along the rocks at the edge of the pond. Thought i had better add something to deter it before someone fell in and i got sued.

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