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The garage sales are slowing down.

Or... maybe IM slowing down...haha.

Anyways, I was happy to get these today for 2$ ea.

The woman running the garage sale was a Disney collector. I paid for these and was walking to my motorcycle just as another woman arrived. She stared at me as i walked by. (hehe) You know the feeling, when youre there a minute late and someone else gets the blowmolds. She was a Disney collector too and cleaned out the rest of the disney stuff. Im sure she would have bought Mickey and Minnie if i didnt.


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WOW!! What a find.Would love to have those. Not very many garage sales around here to search for blowmolds.Got grandson on a mission out of town looking for some.Hope he finds me some goodies.Especially at the price you are finding some. I told him to bat them baby blue eyes to get better prices :giggle:

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Guest A.F.NUT

I know that look I have gotten it a few times! The early bird gets the worm or in our case the blowmold! I have those too. I like them a lot! And the Minnie goes great with the Empire Mickey Donald and Goofy thats originally why I bought Minne, but not having the set wasent working so I got Mickey too. I didnt get them as cheap though! Tom

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