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My Halloween Experiment!

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With the exception of copper sulfate, you can not just stop in your local ACE Hardware Store and pick up these compounds; but for those campers, you can make copper sulfate by getting a piece of copper pipe and stuffing a piece of cheap PVC gargen hose inside the pipe. Throw it into the fire for some pretty colors.

Then again, I'm sure that machine is not loaded with scrap copper pipe and cheap PVC hose...

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Well I got some video tonight!!!

It OK so far. "I know" My sequence needs a bit of tweaking but I'll get it before Halloween!

I don't have any pumpkins yet:(

Pumpkin Test tomorrow....

No good can come from this. Just kidding Gary, you are truly a nutjob and my hero. I just showed your video to my family, and one neighbor!!:)

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Ready for another video????

I bought a couple pumpkins today and had the kids design a couple of faces.

i told them not to put too much effort into it. They might not last the night:p

Actually they did!!! They never got warm enough to cook! The leftover pumpkin guts singed a bit but alla in all I think they'll survive Halloween night....

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"I meant "How fast are you burning the propane?""

Well....I still don't know:)

I was starting to draw some interest from the neighbors so I shut it down. I need to run it during the day when nobody will notice me being a Pyromaniac :P

I'll run it for a 1/2 hour or hour on the bathroom scale and find out. Probably Sat since I'm working today...

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I ran an 1/2 hour test yesterday and used 1 lb of propane max.....

So one tank should last the evening with no problem!

I also ran the pumpkins for an hour straight and they got warm but didn't cook or turn to mush:p It did smell good!

I think I'm going to sprinkle some cinnamon around the openings. I bet it will smell just like pumpkin pie!

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