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Philly Mini 2009 Pictures

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It looks like you gus had a lot of fun there. Thanks for taking the pictures.


I hope you don't mind me advertising for the MINI I am holding.

Here is some information if anyone is intereted:

I rescheduled my PA MINI PLUS for September 26th, 2009 in case anyone was wondering. Click Here to find out more information if you are interested. You can still sign up to come.

Thanks for posting the pictures of your MINI Greg.

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pictures look great, how was that mini-tree made? it looks really cool and sturdy
That was Tim's tree (Therberg). I saw that tree in person and yes, it's sturdy, heavy, round, and has 1800 lights on it. Everything he does is 4 levels above everything that I do. I asked him to adopt me but he said no...
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