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Questions to ask at the KC mini

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Ok folks I can't make the KC mini. I understand that Walter is going to be demonstrating the latest Monkhouse Technology. Since I can't be there someone please ask him to explain the terms below to the group. You'll be glad you did!

1. Dentapliers (Walter's invention for removing mini bulbs)

2. Little Sparky

3. Big Joe

4. Socket

5. Implant

6. Portable hole

Y'all have fun!


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Jackie did tell use about the differance between measuring a pole standing up and a pole lying on the ground. Thanks to everyone at HAM. I had a great time.

I'm sorry I didn't get those questions out to you guys in time. :( Now what's this about measuring poles? Can someone explain it to me?


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I wish someone would explain it to me also. After Jackie told her story the whole room erupted in laughter but I didn't understand why. It was a cute story but I didn't see the humor.


Just kidding...:D I really did get it. It seems there are those in this forum that think you need to be told by Jackie. Sorry.

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