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I can't remember where the plans when to...My wife clean the study up and I can't find them now...LOL

This pic is not a good one..it was a cell phone pic....need to find the good pic..

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Possibly, I was not thinking in terms like that when I built mine.

Whatever wood you choose, you have to bend a pretty good curve into it (like a book spine). If you follow the ebay instructions to the letter, you will need door skin or a very flexible wood.

As I said, I split one of mine. And I had to attach the wood to the frame with bolts (the nails recommended did not hold it down).

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look up "Giant lawn bible" on ebay. the seller, who's name escapes me at this time, is in Canada and will email you the plans.

The pages are about the size of a sheet of plywood each, but bent in such a way that you will lose a foot or so where the two sections meet.

I am not sure how flexible formica is to know if it will bend to the spine or not. More or less, it will bend to the scale of a book.

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