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Calling Everyone who has a Display in Adelaide!

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If you are a member of Planet Christmas, and have a display in Adelaide, South Australia..

I want to hear from you!..

I am putting together a "Computerised Christmas Lights Tour" for the plebs.. which will be in PDF format brochure for download from each of the featured displays websites (if you have one).. as well as printed version available from each of the displays, local community shops around each of the displays and provided to the media. Many community groups (such as car clubs) have "Lights Nights" as well, so it will be made available to community groups as well.

we all gain by promoting each and every members displays.

The tour will be in loop format, so the plebs can start at any display, or finish at any display.. it will have a googlemap showing accurate instructions on how to get to the next display, and a few brief lines about each display (eg. Freq to tune to etc)..

I have chased down about 5 others from other usergroups, so there are 6 at the moment.

Like I said, if you have a computerised display and live in Adelaide, contact me!

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Ryan's Christmas Lights


Salisbury East, South Australia

Opening Night on December 1st from ~8 pm (lights on 8:30)

December 1st - 31st

8:30 - 10:30 pm

I shall PM you a route of the local area that you could integrate.. goes past the major displays in this block. There is one large static display and several other small static displays

PS: In the local area there are two computerised displays including mine. We both broadcast on 88.9 FM (far enough away not to interfere)

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Hi There.

I'm over in Highbury with a Light-O-Rama system. This is my second year with LOR. I ran a home grown animation only (not synced to music) system for a couple of years before that.

More details on my website:


Videos can be seen at:


Would love to see your map. I only know of 2 others in Adelaide with computerised displays both in Salisbury East so am very curious to learn where the others are.



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Guest Lightzilla

Hello all you cool cats in Adelaide, Australia. Do any of you hang around the Australian Christmas forum? I wonder if they would let a fellow commonwealth Lor user join?

You could join us at Christmaslights.ca

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