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Mini Plus 2010

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I have posted a poll but understand the last Saturday is hard for me but I may be able to pull it off. Post the Saturday that works best for you not worrying about what is best for anyone else. If you are able to attend any Saturday please choose it.

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The Mini Plus will be on JUNE 19th. We have more people that can attend on the 19th. It will be 10.00 per person to pay for food and rent on the legion hall which will be minimal. If we have enough people coming it might be less than 10.00. The legion hall has not told me how much they are charging us.

So Mark your Calendars for the 19th and I can't wait to see everyone.

Right now we have

Andy- coroplast

Bill V- welding

Mona- surprise.

Please if you are willing to do something email me and let me know [email protected]

I would love to have someone that could show how to use LOR and Animated lighting.

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I am so glad you two logged in and are coming to the mini. I can't wait. I have everything set up. I have all of the pic nic area and two canopies set up out there. Do we need a large room inside or a small room. Let me know. The picnic area is huge. There are restrooms out by the pool and inside so I think we have everything we need except us.

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The room size will depend on how many are coming. You saw how the room we used last year and how much of it we used.


It looks as if we will have 17 - 20 people attending so I will get the dining room it is bigger. We of course will have the picnic area which is huge. I have it for the 19th from 9 AM till 7ish. Counting clean up time. If anyone wants to come and set up early they can. Frank from FrankTronics will do a LOR Sequencing DIY for us too. I hope he logs in here. I think he has talked to Stephen about his display. Not sure if stephen got over to the campgrounds to see Franks display. I am trying to invite Danny Joyce but haven't had a chance to get over to his house. I asked Frank to invite him. Remember I live in a small country town so this post is no Ramada inn Conference room. It is about as big as the one last year andy had. Maybe a little smaller.

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