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2011 Midwest Holiday Mini PLUS

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Hello to All!

When we all conviened up in Kansas City for the HAM-PLUS, I had discussed the potential for a 2011 Midwest Holiday Mini PLUS (MHM PLUS). I have been working with Century II Expo and Convention Center and also the Hyatt Regency on this. However, I have run into some issues that I didn't expect.

I am back in College (Computer Support Specialist)

I have had some health issues as of lately - not sure how that will affect the actual event.

Work being slow - considering changing jobs - if need be to another state.

I feel a bit overwhelmed with working on the MHM PLUS by myself. I do ask that if anyone would be willing to assist me with planning, organizing, and just general help, I would be very grateful for it.

I am not proficient at website design, but am capable of working with vendors, vendor, and most functions of an event of this type.

If you are able or willing to help, please let me know and I will get back to you. I know that it is 2009 and the MHM PLUS is in June of 2011, but it's better to have more than enough time to plan, than not enough.

Thank you!

Lyman Rate

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Thank you for your desire and efforts. I sat right in front of you at the HAM-PLUS and was very impressed with the work you had already done for HAM-PLUS 2011. I couldn't attend the Lone Star Holidays Academy they just held in Houston (just too far and too many commitments). But, from what I can gather from their forum, it was a huge success and REALLY got people fired up for the season.

I know NOTHING about how to put together an event like this, and I live in Oklahoma, but I would like to help out if I can. I'm afraid I'm getting addicted to this hobby.

I'll PM you with my contact information. Let me know if and how I can help.


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