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Last Saturday at 1am I was putting together my 8ft tall rope light pumpkin. I have to say that this Halloween and Christmas aren't exactly exciting me (for one: I am so behind it is amazing, and two: I had to move so switching my old configuation to match my new place isn't exactly something that I jump up out of bed and can't wait to do, and three: a lot of props were killed in the moving process)

I moved to a very quite neighborhood and at night it is so peaceful it is amazing.

So I finished the outline and the eyes, and nose and was just sitting there looking at thinking "I should just wait until next year" When all of a sudden at 1am a couple of little voices break the quietness, "MOMMY DADDY WAKE UP THERE IS A GIANT PUMPKIN!!" I'm sure those parents love me now, but the kids were screaming inside there house for a good five minutes.

Well that motivated me to finish other props and start some interesting ideas.

I just wanted to throw this out there as a little motivation just in case anyone else is feeling a little unmotivated.

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That is great motivation....

I feel like that every year when it comes time to do the displays...I think maybe I just won't do anything this year...maybe we will skip having the Halloween party...maybe we won't go trick or treating...

Then I see my nieces and nephews and get out of the blue questions...like in July...lol

We having the Halloween party?

What are you going to dress me up as this year?

What are you bringing me to put out for Christmas?

and on and on...

It just gives me what I need to get back on track...;)

Now I wish I could wake up at 1 AM and see a giant pumpkin...lol

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I hear ya, couple years ago during halloween, I had a cute little 3 yr old girl that was so scared of my display, but forced herself to come up for candy. It was so cute, she was crying and her dad said that she wanted to come see everything even though she was scared.

I had some other kids that had watched me all month adding to the display; when they came up on halloween their mom told me how excited they were to see everything.

I didn't do anything for halloween last year, so this year I'm doing double!!

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Thanks for the motivation. I needed that. I was just thinking "do I really want to do this again" I am always in such a rush to put up Halloween than take it down and get Christmas up but after your words and then I looked on the calendar and this year Halloween is on a Saturday I know I have to get busy. There will be more little ones out this year and I can't let them down.


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