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looking for tunes

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not really a light question.....

what im looking for is something for halloween.... i want some soundtrack of spooky sounds (chains, howling, squeeeky doors,slamming doors and the like)

i bought 3 CDs so far which clamed to have such stuff but all had a narriator or just a short 30 sec segment of what i want.

any help??


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I had pretty good luck last year with the following:

Album: Halloween Horror - Scary Sounds and Music (all tracks are 6:00 so it doesn't go on with the same theme forever)

Album: The Ultimate Scary Sounds and Music for Your Halloween Bash - has an excellent "Undead Requiem of Mozart" that's really entertaining

Album: Halloween Party Scary Sound Fx Scenes

Of course, the ultimate evil song is Koyaanisqatsi by the Philip Glass Ensemble. As I'm sure you're aware, it's the "evil eye" music as featured in various seasons of Scrubs...

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