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New Halloween Project

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Today's weather was just too good to pass up, so I decided to build some lanterns which would also double up as speaker/floodlight posts for my Halloween display.

They are made out of 2x2 furring strips, really simple. I have also mounted a speaker, and a floodlight holder on the back side.

The lanterns are from Wal-Mart. I frosted them and then tinted with a little brown spray paint.

I'm hoping to have most of the Halloween display out this coming week for a Light-up next weekend. *fingers Crossed*

*sorry for the picture quality, I'll get some better ones when the display is up.

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Dude, those are AMAZING!!! :eek: I was going to make a simple 4-pane post light, but this seems easier, and way cooler!!! Do you have any daytime pics and more details on the lanterns pre-spookifying, and the speakers too?

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