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When are you planning to start hanging lights?

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I'm going to start this weekend (October 9-13) for a couple reasons:

1. I live in northern Ohio and when the calender turns to November, things start to get real nippy and I have put my lights up too many times without feeling in my fingers and toes and face.

2. I'm in college and I can't go home every weekend, altho I only live 30 minutes from home. But my longer weekends are this coming weekend, and then not again until thanksgiving and I'm hoping to have my display up and running by the first weekend in December or last weekend in November.

3. I'm starting computerizing this year and I hope to have my Light-O-Rama program and controller in to choreograph my full display by Thanksgiving time.

So those are the reasons why I'm starting so early. And I honestly can't wait for the season!

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The 2nd week of November. I have some time built up at work and I have to use it by Dec 31 or loose it, so I'm taking that week off.:D

The same here, I have extra time to use, so I will be starting the 2nd week of Nov. I will take a couple of extra days there. I hope to complete the display in two weekends.

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We are starting this weekend with the roof lights, like to get them up while it is still kinda of warm. The rest of the big items are being setup in the back yard to verify they are working as planned and the new cords made for them. I will be them to the front the first weekend og November

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I am starting getting things going starting over the next week or so getting the infastructure in place (extension cords, etc)

The next big one that will happen over the next couple of weeks is getting the roof superstructure in position and in place.

I will put up halloween decorations based on my christmas channels, then once the halloween comes down, christmas will go directly up.

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Roof line lights start as soon as it dries out here, hopefully I can do the 2nd floor later this week. I have to walk on the roof to do the 2nd floor and a wet and icy roof is not fun to walk on. The rest of the lights will go up as the trees start loosing their leaves.

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