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When are you planning to start hanging lights?

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I started yesterday and got the entire roof line along with the windows done. It really pays to have a system and contraptions that make it less time consuming. Even with an early start I still feel like there is no way I will get everything done by Thanksgiving night. Oh well, we'll see.

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I started yesterday. Hoever, I put up one of the most obvious things up. The Merry Christmas sign is up on the roof. I didn't want to wait any longer as i don't want to be on the roof with snow flying. Also have the windows done and the banister. Saturday is the Burst poles, Mega Tree, live trees, and the snowflakes. Put together the fan in the garage so just have to carry it out sometime. Will finish the sunday before thanksgiving with the mini trees, candy canes and icicle light "fence." Spread out because the display is done at the parents, I live in an apartment right now, and those are the days dad is off on the weekend to help. He loves to help.

I'll test the show the sunday before thanksgiving to make sure everything looks correct and the sequencing is correct. Then opening night is the day after thanksgiving.

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I am totally done!! It feels nice!! I had to start early because Im going out to sea soon. All we have left is to tweek our programming. We are having a sneak preview this weekend for the guys on my Submarine that will be gone for the holidays.

I think it's great that you decorate with all that you have going on. Thank you very much for your service and have a Merry Christmas!

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I got the red and white LED C9's on the roof this weekend when I cleaned the gutters and raked all the leaves, which I will have to do again this weekend:giggle:. I have the pole and ring for the mega tree up and am starting on my wreaths. I plan to have everything up by next weekend as I will be out of town thanksgiving weekend and want to go live thanksgiving night. I also wanted to give myself a couple of days to do some testing once everything is up and running.

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