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ICE 2010 Date  

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  1. 1. ICE 2010 Date

    • End of June
    • Beginning of July (July 10th)
    • End July
    • Beginning of Aug
    • End of August

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Awwww, come on Terry, the voting is 2 to 1 June over July. The Fort Wayne Parade (3 Rivers) is July 10th. :(

I know... The Bikini National Fitness Championships in Hackensack, NJ are that day as well.

We ALL have to make sacrifices... :cool:

Seriously though...

Middle of June is Texas Lone Star Academy, end of June the town of Fishers has it's Freedom Fest (you won't be able to slip a spaghetti noodle sideways into the town that weekend), July 4th everyone I know is grilling out and lighting things that go boom...

Which brings us to July10th...

IF you can't make ICE on the 10th, what I would suggest is to try and attend Light Up Ohio in May, ~or~ Chicago on Labor Day weekend. ;)

I know I will be at both of them myself! :)

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From my good friend, Vash at Chinese Department Store. I have had many successful transactions with him.


We will have to disagree on this one.

We had a horrid experience with CDS.

All the details are documented here:


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