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Looking for Candle and Soldiers

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I see a nice display but I dont see a yard?? LOL


Please don't let my wife here you say that. She is already telling me that I have to much stuff in the yard. I keep telling that you can't have bare spots or the grass will grow to long and we don't want our grass to look like no one is cutting it.

So put more decorations out to keep the grass down.


And no, she doesn't really buy that excuse or any of the other ones that I tell her when a new box shows up at our door. Thank goodness she love me alot or I would be dead for sure.


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Guest Judd_Peiffer

If anyone has extra candles and soldiers that they would like to sell, please let me know. I use them to outline my yard.


i know my true value has black and white hat soldiers along with the noel candles! if your interested....let me know


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Mark, I wish I could help you out with your request, but we just sold off all the soldiers we had. I think there are some candles left, but they are mostly Beco items. Your display is gorgeous..I'm looking forward to seeing your display this year!

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