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For Sale: 220 50ct Soft White Full Wave GE Brand LEDs

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I am not quite ready to make the jump to LEDs since I want all my white to match including my C9s and Snow Flake Rope Lights.

I am selling around 220 50ct GE Soft White Leds for $6 each. I prefer to sell the whole lot to one person but if there is not any interest within in the next few days, I will start breaking it up.

This is the price I paid for them. They were Normally $12 each but I bought them for 50% off after Christmas. At first they were marked to only 25% off but the day they hit 50%, I went in and bought them all.

These are Full Wave and fade with LOR. These are pretty close to the color of incandescents since they are soft white. I removed them from the boxes when I bought them so they would take up less space (which took hours). All These LEDs are brand new and have never been used.

The bulbs are removable and each set comes with 2 spare bulbs which are all in a zip lock bag.

Here are some photos


This box says blue, since I threw away all the white ones, but it looks the same. I am only selling white.


This is a comparison of the lights compared to others.

The 1st set is Normal LED White also called Cool White.

The 2nd set is what you are buying, Soft White.

The 3rd set are normal clear incandescent lights.



Shipping will be the actually shipping charges.

Please send me a PM if you are interested. Like I said, I prefer to sell them to one buyer but I will break them up in a few days if nobody wants all of them.

Here are the specs off the box.

LEDs - 50

Total Set Wattage - 3.2

Socket Spacing - 4 inches between sockets

Total Length - 17.3

Lighted Length - 16.3

Max Connected Sets - 25 Sets

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