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Ten Signs You Are Addicted

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Guest Lightzilla

8 out of 10, The electricty company would never send me a thank you card, since I'm only 13. And they don't know my name at lowes or home depot... But they do at canadian tire :-)

And yes, we did move because the house wasn't big enough for my lights! :D

When did you move? 1st you were in Ontario and now BC. At least you headed west.

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Guest Lightzilla

Clark Griswold.....Chevy Chase

I heard of the movie but I actually never watch the movie until last year when someone lent it to me. It certainly is not my favorite movie, nor was I inspired by it.

I was inspired by Christmas its self.

Now that I have a computer, if I was to give any credit to someone it would be Lindsay Lights. Their house look neat and tidy in lights. So does the Holdman display look neat and tidy in lights......these people put their heart and soul into their displays.

There is one thing they have that I do not want myself and that is media. No media for me thank you.

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