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Ten Signs You Are Addicted

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Guest showtime

Lol I have got 9 out of 10 only becouse we just bought are house 2 years ago:D.

Yes, I have been very busy on my Christmas display. I have to take advantage of the weather right now. Its all coming along great!

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7 out of 10...

I shop at several Home Depots and Lowes and Menards. I'm not in any one of them too many times...

Our power company is too cheap to send out a thank you card.. They won't even give me bigger wires so that I can draw more...

I haven't been caught talking about Christmas while sleeping.However i have fallen asleep while doing Christmas sequencing...

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The first thing I thought of when we moved was is this property going to be big enough for my display. Luckily we have the biggest lot in town and should not run out of space anytime soon. I laughed so hard when I read that one. When you love Christmas and have a big display the size of the house and yard definatly come into play when moving.

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8 out of 10, The electricty company would never send me a thank you card, since I'm only 13. And they don't know my name at lowes or home depot... But they do at canadian tire :-)

And yes, we did move because the house wasn't big enough for my lights! :D

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spelt cars, instead of card :-)
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I tried a rap song a while back just to see if I could do it.... didn't come out too bad. I sequenced Eminem "Slim Shady"

I am a regular at Home Depot and Lowes. I am usually in there early summer with some hair brain idea and they know me by name in the Hardware, Lumber, Electrical and Plumbing sections. I know them by name too and know when they have a new hire.

As for Clark Griswold, I can't say that I have a display that is bigger, brighter, or better than the one in the movie, but he doesn't do a 1/4 of what some of you do here in the PC community!!

I have my computer with over 3,000 christmas songs on it, 8 DVD's with about 4,000 songs on each and I listen to it almost year around.

I've driven by many houses commenting "Perfect... too small... not enough lawn... etc...etc"

I've been caught talking about channels, lights, songs, humming in my sleep many many times...

Years ago when I did a large display for my parents (40,000 lights out in the country) They recieved a letter from Kansas Power Light Co... Thanking them for being good patrons and also had a $25 gift certificate to Furrs (buffet style restaurant)

I've seen many displays that you need sunglasses for.. and that is just awesome!!!

LED, Incadescent, CFL... too many to name... if you start naming styles

Last one I haven't had to do yet as I rent an apartment. but when I look I start with the important things: Lawn size, house size, power capabilities.... then # of rooms... gotta have them in the right order!

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Part 3

When you start laying out the next years display when you turn on this years display.

When you are so busy checking stores for lights and reading the PC chatroom that you forget to send in your video for the world wide display contest. The video was taken by a television station in another town and is better than anything you can do.

When standing in line at a Restaurant, you notice the tree has a few lights out. You say something to the waitress about it. She informs you that they know but have no spare bulbs. You of course have just the right kind of spare bulbs on you because you read on this thread about others having spare bulbs on them...think that is a good idea...and start carrying a few. Though you are itching to get them fixed and would gladly do so yourself, you hand them to the waitress for someone there to fix because your significant other has already made the comment that he hopes no one gives us fruitcake for Christmas as he is already married to one. Then you start to wonder just how many lights it would take to make a fruitcake look good.

When you open your window and the only thing shinning thru all the flashing lights and Christmas decorations that you can see, is all the kids smiling faces. Then you know you are a true CLF.

You know your Dads a Christmas fanatic when:


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Last part

When your cart at Target or Walmart or wherever is so full of cases of lights that people assume you work there and are restocking things.

When you keep trying to emphasize to the electrician that you seriously need LOTS of power available on the outside of your house... and plenty of GFCI outlets to accompany it.... but he/she doesn't quite understand just how much power you're going to need because they can't wrap their mind around the idea of needing 200 amps for holiday lights.

When the neighbors come to expect you out front of your house working on lights whenever they get home.

You walk into your Dentist's for an appointment and notice a window candle isn't working and you pull a spare bulb out of your pocket and fix it leaving astonished looks on all the secretaries

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