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Harbor Freight 100' Ext cords $8

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Seems to be 2 threads on this topic, see http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php?t=35659. There was a post there that these items might be on back order. I had ordered 16 of them this morning. Just called Harbor Freight and was informed that they are on back order for approximately 1 month. Needless to say, I cancelled my order since I will need them starting the day after Halloween.

I found out the hard way, that if you have ordered them in less than the past 24 hours, you have to call 800-423-2567 and select option 1 for new orders to cancel the order. If its been more than 24 hours, then call 800-444-3353 to cancel your order.

Even if they are back ordered for a month, there is always next year to use them. I can't pass up a good deal like this. They are not something I need but its too good of a deal.


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either they figured it out - or they have been flooded with requests. The item is no longer available.

However, I did receive a shipping confirmation email for my 6. WOOT! WOOT!:giggle:

"Thank you for ordering from Harbor Freight Tools.

Your order # 9972253 was shipped today and should be arriving soon."

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Ok, here is what I was just told on the phone.

Yes - parts of my order shipped (50ft cords and not the 100ft cords).

Yes - I did receive the gift card via mail


The 100ft cords were available at the close out price of $7.99. However, when they ran out, and as a result the item was discontinued... and thus the order cancelled. Their system inventory levels are updated every 24 hours and that is why people were still able to order even after they ran out. Customers who's order was cancelled will be notified via postcard in the mail. My order was cancelled yesterday, and he indicated the postcard went out yesterday as well.

I elivated it to a supervisor. He did encourage me to purchase a comparable product that is orange and $59.99. I laughed and said that is in no way comparable to $7.99

I fought hard, but could not get him to price match. He was willing to offer free shipping ($11), a $10 discount on my order via coupon code, and a FREE FLASHLIGHT.

Bummer... I suspect they figured it out and we shall see the return of the green cord item in the future. Who knows, maybe they did run out.

At least we got the free gift card in the mail as part of the exercise.

As a reminder - Costco is still selling their cords for $28


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I got a post card today and mine said back ordered. I also got the $10 card. Who knows. I ordered mine on the 21st.

I guess if I don't get them I'll take the $10 card as a reminder I should know a good deal when I see it in the future and not wait. :)

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It doesn't make much sense that they would send a gift card, which isn't really a gift card since you had to make a purchase to get it, and then cancel the order behind it.

I hope they don't think I'm going to take kindly to spending $90 for a $10 gift card and nothing else ;)

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