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Harbor Freight 100' Green 12 Gauge Cord - $8

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Saw this over on slickdeals.net. There's speculation it's a pricing error, or typo, so try it at your own risk.

Harbor Freight has 100', Green, 12 Gauge "Heavy Duty" Extension Cords on sale for $7.97.

Shipping starts at $6.99, the more you buy, the better the price. If your order is over $69.99, there's also a $10 gift card code: 432-884-545

I ordered 25, for a total of $211.24. With the GC, that's slightly more than $8 a cord.

Shipping breaks down like this:

up to $14.99........$6.99

$15.00 to $34.99....$7.99

$35.00 to $69.99..$8.99

$70.00 to $99.99..$9.99

$100.00 to $129.99..$10.99

$130.00 and up..$11.99

I'll let you know if they show up, and if they're as advertised.

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Man... this is a great deal! I don't need 'em... but I'm about to pull the trigger for 7. :)

(Not sure what I'm doing looking on PC... I should be wrapping arch #6 with my daughter!!!)

I typically keep my controllers inside but this may make me want to put a couple outside... 10 cords on the way for me!!!

Thanks Guys...

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I ordered 10 as well. Then I told a co-worker of the deal. He asked if I could add 2 to my order for him. I called up Harbor Freight and added them with no problem. However, the operator told me that they were back-ordered approximately 20 days. I hope she was wrong, but if not, I hope they get here before the end of November.


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I had ordered 16 of them this morning. Just called Harbor Freight and was informed that they are on back order for approximately 1 month. Needless to say, I cancelled my order since I will need them starting the day after Halloween.

I found out the hard way, that if you have ordered them in less than the past 24 hours, you have to call 800-423-2567 and select option 1 for new orders to cancel the order. If its been more than 24 hours, then call 800-444-3353 to cancel your order.

Confusing, yes.

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For any who felt bad missing a possible good deal, don't. I got a postcard from Harbor Freight regretting informing me that these extension cords cannot be shipped because the manufacturer cannot supply it any longer. I may need to look into some zip cord instead.


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