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What have you found inside a blowmold.....


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What have you found inside a blow mold?

I bought a pumpkin from an eBay seller. It was mailed wrapped in a layer of very thin bubble wrap with brown paper over that (no box). :mad: There was a HUGE dent in it. I thought that the plastic was broken because there was something loose inside it. It sounded like maybe there were loose pieces of plastic inside. It turns out that it was not plastic but the LIGHT KIT! The seller had put the C7 cordset LOOSE INSIDE the pumpkin! Oh, and don't assume that there was a hole in the bottom. No, no...She apparently stuffed it through the hole for the light! Amazingly the C7 bulb was not broken!

Another genius eBay seller sent a derby snowman in a HUGE box. The box was big enough for TWO derby snowmen! (I'm serious. I mean this literally. I took another derby snowman and was able to put it in the box too! It was really big enough for 2 snowmen!) The box was also full of foam peanuts. The doofus, oops I mean genius, even put peanuts INSIDE the snowman!

So there you have it. A C7 cordset and foam peanuts are the two weirdest things I've found inside of a blowmold.




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One January, I lost my wedding ring. I figured it happened at some point while taking in the Christmas decorations. I scoured the yard, rented a metal detector for two days, and later a couple of very nice neighbors brought metal detectors over and searched the front and back yard for almost a week. But we didn
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Inside a GF snowman I found two plastic coated 2-pound dumbbells. I removed them, and now use them when I walk on the treadmill. I've also got a pair of Empire candles that each have about a foot of what appears to be plaster of Paris (or drywall mud) in them. It doesn't hurt the appearance so I left it be.

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On 10/24/2009 at 7:50 PM, twentyampdave said:

I thought this might be an interesting topic for sharing. What have you found inside a blow mold? In the 30+ years of collecting I've found some interesting items used for ballast.


Today I chipped out a 80 pound sack of concrete mix from the bottom of a choir peep. I've also found parts from a farm cultivator used as weight in a pair of Dapol candles. I think the most interesting was the 2 quart size jars of real grapefruit and orange slices in the bottom of a pair of Poloron pine cone candles. The fruit slices were marked $0.29 on the tops of the jars.

A few days ago I purchased a pair of Empire candles from a guy who was going to sell them at his yard sale. He told me that the candles never lit up and he never got around to putting lights in them. While I was carrying them to my vehicle I could feel some weight in them and I though it was a sandbag or something. Once I got home and looked through the bottom I noticed that it wasn't a sand bag or anything but instead it was the light assembly and instructions that have been in a bag since the late 70s. I find it interesting that the light has an old paper twist tie around it and 3 screws where included in each bag.  And about a week ago I picked up another GF pumpkin blow mold at a yard sale. It was missing the clip in light but as a bonus it came with 2 whole bricks inside of it. These weren't small bricks at all and one had some mortar still on it.


On another note I have found more interesting light bulbs in blow molds than I have with anything before. Some of them to name was a GV Mary and Joseph that both had 100watt incandescent bulbs inside of them and the fuse was wrapped in tin foil so it wouldn't blow, A Union snowman that had a flame shaped bulb that had a mother of Peral type paint on it, A set of 2 Dapol candles (first version) I won for $2. Each candle had a handful of rusted wire and faded garland wrapped around them along with a Noma flasher on each plug. When I got the flames off I was greeted to the pleasant sight of floodlights in each light socket along with one candle being wrapped in duct tape to keep the socket in while the other candle had melted around the socket causing the light to fall in and melt a medium sized hole in the back of it. I was able to repair the light fiasco and I put LED bulbs in them just like the rest of my blow molds. 

Here are some pics of what I was talking about. The candle photo is from the auction site.











pc 1.PNG

pc 2.PNG

pc 3.PNG

pc 4.jpg

pc 5.jpg

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