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I have three outdoor sub panels with 32 GFCI outlets on separate circuits. I'm with you. You're not sick.

And we get around to running all LED's like Chuck we will be able to run 12 billion of them.

Very nice.

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Very nice, love the trough.

Did you install a new 200a service and connect the existing panelboard as a sub?


Increased the service to 320.

The house has the existing 200 amp main panel.

This panel is also 200 amps and is a seperate main panel. Love this part now. They are totally independant of each other. No worries about the lights effecting the house or vice versa.

Had to put in the service breaker.

20 circuits

20 quads with the in use full covers

Thought I would just have the quads on the inside of the garage. They threw in the race box and did them on the outside for the same price.

I asked about a whole house circuit protector... For an extra $50, they put one on the light panel and one on the house panel.

No cords running through any windows this year, except for my transmitter antennae. By the way, the wife hates that too. mmmm, I wonder what I can get out of that?

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Hey Brad,

New member and I love the set up!

I just started this year and have 64 Channels.

Addicted, me, well yes!!

I have set up my electric pretty much like you. I am going upto 224 channels next year and set it up for that now.

DO it right the first time!


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