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Radio Channel Sign

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So as the season draws ever nearer, I have been thinking about my radio channel sign to tune into my lights. What are some easy and creative ways to either make myself a sign, or buy a cheap one? I don't have a lot of time to go build one this year. But does anyone have any suggestions?

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For quick and dirty, I bought 2 18ft rope light at Walmart and zip tied them on to a piece of chicken wire (or chain link fence) in the shape of "88.1 fm". This was a wife-and-kids project and took about 1/2 hour, after I gathered up all the materials. (And yes, we did pick 88.1 because it was easy to spell in rope light!)

Not as elegant as others, but I needed it very large (the letters are about 2 feet high) and "see-through" as it sits between the viewers and the display.

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So I've been playing with buildasign.com and I am just looking for everyone's opinions on my possible signs. I realize it ultimately comes down to which one I want. But i'm just looking for what everyone else likes as well...







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One real important point to remember with vinyl signs is if you plan to back light it, do not print it onto regular vinyl, you must use a special backlightable vinyl. The sign shops can do this for you. I think I paid $45 for my sign. Alternatively, you can front light your sign with a good white LED flood light. Then I built the enclosure below out of parts from several different aisles in Home Depot.

Here is my sign, I had a graphics house put my design onto backlit vinyl and I buil the enclosure, and used 2 LED rope lights to back light it.



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What is the best way to mount and achor a coro sign in the yard?

There are any number of answers to this question. First decide: How handy are you & How much time do you want to spend on it?

For Halloween I took the simplest solution - I used the wire from an old political sign and pushed the wire legs through the coro, then used a solar spot light in front of it. If time permits (probably not) for Christmas I hope to build a back lite wooded frame.

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Thanks for the compliment. I am going to backlight it with rope light I think. I am building the box tonight to house it. I printed it here at my office on a plotter. It is a thicker than usual paper. I plan to smash the paper between two pieces of plexiglass that I am picking up today at lunch. Hope this works, just taking it one step at a time.

I am freaking out!!!!!!!!!showtime is just a few days away and I have a list of "to-do's" that seems to go on forever:eek:.

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Finally finished my sign and plotted it. Here it is.

Now off to shop to built the frame and case to put it in.

Before you send that sign away, here's some advice:

We had a sign made last year from a local sign shop. He suggested that we have the sign printed on clear transparent sheet of plastic and them either tape it or sandwich it between clear plexiglass. Today we were back to have the time changed. What he suggested this time is to have a sign made without the times (would serve as the background image) and then have a second smaller sign which would only have the times, no background image, just clear with text. The two signs would overlay each other in the sign box. That way, it would be even cheaper to change the times without having to reprint the whole background again. Does this make sense? The sign in the light box would be two layers, one with the background image and one that is mostly clear with only the times.

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I had mine done 2 years ago at Fast signs... got it quickly and the lady helped me lay it out and design it.. and then I placed them in realtor frames... stays up and they done blow down... plus if the sign has to change its easy to keep the frame and get a new sign...

I light the signs with e BLUE spotlight... white was too detracting from the display... blue is easy to read, visible and doesnt make things too bright....


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