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Sequence editing problem,

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I am trying to copy some channels/cell rows from one sequence to another. I have tried a couple different ways with the same result. I am using the latest version of Light-o-Rama software.

I load the sequence with the parts that I want to copy-then I tried to add new track...hightlight the fields with the mouse and also tried with the keyboard..highlighted the rows fine. Hit control-C to copy..switched to the new track and hightlighted the rows I want to paste into..and the slidebar on the bottom of the screen slid all the way to the right to indicate pasteing,,but nothing shows on the screen as far as cells being highlighted.

I tried adding channels to the sequence that has the parts I want to copy and also tried the "add new track" method..both ways do the same thing..nothering. But If after pasteing I click on edit in the menu,,"undo paste" is an option. Any ideas?



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I think what you are saying is your trying to copy the entire group of channels, timing, and events, from one sequence to another.Right?

I don't think you can do that all in one step.

I think in the new sequence yo have to create the channels or import them from the other sequence first. Then you have to set up the timing. Then you can cut and paste your events.

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First you have to do like Toymaker000 said and create a new sequence. Then highlight the entire channel you want to copy.

Right click on the highlighted channel and select copy.

Open up the second sequence, (you can have 2 or more open at the same time) right click on the first square of the channel you want, and past.

That should work. This is all Windows commands.

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a differant question for you guys out there using lor,.....to hook up your cat5 cable to your usb port,can you use any adapter...cable is only 75feet from pc,or do you have to purchase 1 from lor????....please help...mike

You have to use LOR's adapter. There are electronic circuits inside that are required for proper communication on the RS-485 LOR network.

EDIT: Just noticed this post was over a week old!

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