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Check out what Walmart is carrying online!

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What in the world is with walmarts online pricing??? those prices are NUTS! 100 ct. minis, just plain jane lights, for $19.95 to $24.95 a set!?! That's just an example. Everything on there, I scrolled thru all 5 pages, was double and tripple the "normal" prices.

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Like Amazon, Wal-Mart's website has a "marketplace" where 3rd parties can sell there wares, Wally World takes a commission, but otherwise the sale is up to the 3rd party. these display items, and some of the other more unusual things that people have posted recently, fall into that category...

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I bet I could find a family at an actual walmart store that would be like

fictional characters

Woman: So we need 150 mini lights, 100 red c7s

Man: Alright you get what you need, I'm gonna go get something to eat and check out their hdtvs

Woman: While you're at it could you go crab a casket too, honey? lol

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